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The long amounts of time spent on the toilet after a heavy Christmas dinner.
Person 1: How was your Christmas?
Person 2: Good, except for the Christmas shits I had.
by GreatUnknown January 08, 2007
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When you’re wiping your asshole and it your shit is green. But over time due to the Hiroshima sized shit, the constant friction causes you to bleed and the toilet paper goes from green to red.
Bro my asshole is fucking raw right now, I just had a Christmas shit.
by OG Gucci Trap Lord December 08, 2017
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When a group of people stay up until midnight on Christmas eve, then all take a dump together in an outdoor setting
Sis: We're going to be up late tonight. We have to take our Christmas Shit in the back yard.
Bro: oh right, I almost forgot about that.
by TheSleazyBroseph January 05, 2011
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(See also: red shit: a shit that makes your butthole bleed; Green shit: speaks for itself. green shit.) A Christmas Shit is basically a combination of the Red and Green Shit. You see both red and green. The Christmas Shit also earns its name due to the fact that it often takes the shitter by surprise, as if it were a present.
I just took a Christmas shit in July and I didn't even know it was coming!
by B~Schwa July 03, 2013
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