A desperate wannabe who cannot fucking chose a certain style and stick with it. Her music is played over and over and over on the radio until we want to shoot ourselves, she may be able to sing to some people, but I would honestly rather hear an old fucking hag shit in my ear than hear Candy Man one more fucking time!
Christina Aguilera is nothing more than a fucking piece of shit!
by CallyLove August 10, 2007
the best damn singer on the planet. makes britney spears, beyonce knowles, kelly osborne, pink et al look like a bunch of gag-worthy sideshow pussyfarts.
Aguilera; from the latin 'give it to me deep and hard immediately if not sooner'
by kitC January 19, 2004
Talented singer who has accumulated piercings and now dresses in a promiscuous fashion to please the media.
I'm a genie in a bottle baby, come come come on and let me out
Gonna get dirrty
by Bonnie September 5, 2003
An ugly ass bitch that cant sing she oversings ugly as hell and a real slut
She tries so hard to be like The talented Britney Spears But Cant do that and never will. Christina Aguelera is just trash, the things that you can do with her cds are not buy them or if you have one give it to your dog.
Christina aguilera, one of the most hated celebrities in the world. Not just America But The entire universe.
by Lady89 March 22, 2006
A skank who had always been behind the shadow of Legendary Miss Britney Spears. Also called Floptina after flopping with Keeps Flopping Harder: A Decade of Flops, Flopionic and Flopresque. She's the very definition of late 90's "diva" who flopped miserably after 12 years. Just like Flopsica Simpson and Flopdy Moore... But atleast, Jessica is making money with her clothing line and Mandy Moore with Tangled making box-office returns unlike flopresque which cause her producers to sell their studio. She's also widely known of having Flopdas' Touch cause anything she touches turns into flop. Sad but true...
Girl A:Christina Aguilera? Who is she?

Girl B: OMG, that flop who thinks she can touch Britney Spears' 100 Million Records sold? OMG, bitch needs to get out of her delusion just like her fans! LMAO!!!

by legendary spears January 23, 2011
A singer with a great voice.

And for all of you only like two of her songs are about sex in that 20 song album. As for her image yes it is a little.. i mean very slutty but i'm not sure how that is justification to hate her.

Listen to what you are saying and maybe you'll see it makes no sense
Why people are afraid of a little skin i'll never know. You have skin too and half the population has the same parts as her. Get over it.
by Me March 15, 2005