A cult formed by men nearly 2000 years ago. The original group comprised of mainly homosexuals. 12 men sitting around holding hands, and hiding from women. Mordern day advocates include Rev. Ted Haggard, who enjoyed not only preaching christianity, but the meeting with a male prostitute and snorting meth and truly practicing it. Some followers have gotten confused and forgot of the medievil religious male orgies and choose to believe that homosexuality is evil. These people don't realize women are the true evil, and if not for them we could still be in paradise.
I rested my head in the small of his back, "god bless christianity!" I huffed and wiping the sweat from his back off my lips.
by York Underwood November 17, 2006
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A twisted and controlling "religion", or rather, a cult.
"Come here, little Johnny! Read the Bible! Learn bout Jesus! Learn about Christianity! But don't read the Old Testament. Don't learn about the incest, rape, murder, sexist, and countless other terrible things in the Bible!"
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by Kittenspore October 02, 2018
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a religion fueled by the fear of God and the spreading of propaganda amongst young children
I detest Christianity because it spreads hatred, not love
by vulture_queerearth87 May 22, 2019
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1. One of multiple religions. Christianity has many sub-christian groups with varrying titles, but centering around the idea of Jesus Christ, son of man dying on a cross to repent for humanity's naturally sinful nature. Christian belief also involves the art of baptism, prayer, and referring to the bible. Christians are commonly viewed as "good" people and is one of the largest religions on the planet earth. Christians also believe the basic idea that if they have faith in their god they will go to heaven or a place of eternal euphoria, if they are wicked or deny their god, they will be sent to hell, or as the bible refers as a lake of burning sulfur. Based around fear of an omniscient entity along with many, but not all religions, involving the idea of a God, heaven, and hell.

2.(Short-version) A Christian is a man who repents on Sunday for what he did on Saturday and will do again on Monday.

That man is a Christian.

Atleast that Christian man is sorry.You do the same except you're not even sorry.So you're criticizing him for being sorry?"
sorry dont mean shit if he's gonna do it again tomorrow. atleast other people who dont say there sorry or confess have come to terms that there going to do it again and aren't lying to themselves, and there minister/pastor etc.
by Mediaptera January 03, 2005
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