One of the three big Abrahamic faiths. The majority of Christians follow an c.1,900 old piece of papyrus known as the New Testament. Christianity is centered around the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Opinion on Christianity:
I find Christianity to the worst religion to follow, if one must follow a religion in the first place. The birth of Christianity led to the demise of millions of people over a period of approx. 2,000 years.
Christianity is possibly the most shrouded, unknown, and controversial religion of all time. A religious faith is meant to better the lives of people, but clearly for the vast majority of humans on this planet, Christianity has not.
The Crusades are but one of many series of incidents that have been negatively incited due to the conception of Christianity.
Christianity is engulfed in lies, murder, and deception. It is almost miraculous how so many misguided, brain-washed people consistently follow this ridiculous religion generation after generation after generation. It is almost as if they cannot differentiate between reality and the erroneous beliefs spewed out by the Judeo-Christian lie machine.
The metaphysics in Christianity also bears discrepancies such as everything else in the Bible. Discrepancy after discrepancy after discrepancy. That's what Christianity is.
Misguided Man: "Hi, I love God and Jesus. I am, what is widely know as, a Christian. I love Christianity because I get to go to church every Sunday and have a bunch of religious, fluffy propaganda filled into my head, it's great!"

Rational Man : "Hello, I am an Atheist. I have the ability to differentiate between reality and the Judeo-Christian Lie Machine. I am one of the few remaining intelligentsia on this planet. Yay, me!"

by greywindex March 06, 2007
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The major religion that's divided the public for eons. The basis of Christianity, developed from Judaism, is actually meant as a set of guidelines to define a standard of living at the time and give followers a sense of hope for doing so. Society rapidly changes throughout time and Christianity should be considered a blueprint, the stepping-stone of being apart of and embracing a community. Unfortunately, it's been heavily tainted in the last few decades by people seeking their own political agendas or profit gains (Or those freakin' door knockers.) and therefore is losing credibility amongst the people as they scramble to find solace in fad religions such as Buddhism where you meditate all your life and amount to nothing. Or even superstitious garbage like Wicca.
by ih8uplzdie December 29, 2004
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THE ONE AND ONLY FAITH THAT IS NOT FALSE AND WILL ACTUALLY GET YOU INTO HEAVEN FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!!! (And it's really, really, really easy to do...) All you have to do is

1.) Ask Jesus to come into your life,
2.) Just sincerely ask Jesus' forgiveness for your sins. (All people are sinners, and nobody is better than anyone else. All people are equal. However, Christians have been wiped clean by the HOLY blood of Christ and are therefore sinless and blameless in the eyes of God.)
3.)Admit that you believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to earth and died for your sins of His own free will. (IE: He didn't have to die for you, but he CHOSE to because His love for you lasts FOREVER!!!!)
4.) Do your best to live a life according to the Bible. This doesn't mean that if you accidentally stumble every now and then that you are doomed to an eternity in hell; instead, it means that God will forgive ANYTHING that you have done in the past, present or future!! It doesn't matter if you've raped a girl, killed an senior citizen, etc... GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU!! I GUARANTEE IT!!!! If you dont believe me, try the steps above, and see if you dont immediately feel the peace and love of God descending upon you and covering your entire body!!! TEST ME!! (You have to be sincere when you ask His forgiveness though, or nothing will happen. God is not one to be mocked.)
REPORTER: So, God... Which religion is the only way out of an eternity in the lake of fire?
GOD: That's easy. Christianity of course!
by Salvation for ALL PEOPLE. August 25, 2006
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A cult that has done no more good than bad. Even though it was written long ago, that is no reason people should accept it as a "Moral compass."
Christianity makes no more sense than Scientology or any other cult out there.

Don't they have a comet to catch?
by Iamadicktoday January 01, 2011
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A religion that spouted off of judaism 100-200 years before the year 0. They believe in Jesus christ being the son of god, and that if you dont believe that you are going to hell. Some christians have decided to be more lax and say only SOME people are going to hell. Some Uber-christians hate everyone who isnt exactly like them, but tries to prech peace and tolerance. Although many believe Christianity to be a monotheistic religion, in all actuality it would be called a duo-theistic religion because they have two gods.
Mary was only a half virgin, but so she could father the founder of christianity was told: "You can suck all the dick you want and still be a virgin... MARY!"
~Excerpt from "Mr. Hankeys Christmas Classics"
by Incinerator1990 April 08, 2006
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A group of people who believe in Jesus Christ that he is our creator and saviour
That Christianity kid was a weird fugly dude
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Christianity is a religion that i messed up most Christians believe that their religion is The only right and correct religion.
They are usually very protective of their white privileged children who have never had anything bad happen to them.
Man Christianity is screwed up
by Coffeebean2018 June 08, 2018
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