Actually,it's not based on rules and restrictions.It's rule is love"
just so much as its loving someone of the opposite sex but same religon/denomination. so for people of the lower IQ:
its loving people of the same everything except genitals.
by Mediaptera January 02, 2005
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The largest and only true religion in the world. It currently consists of well over 2 BILLION people all over the globe, including the Middle East. Most Christians are dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the word of God in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Just because of several million violent, hate-filled Christians who perform the kinds of acts they do, it doesn't mean that every single Christian (and definitely not the majority) are like the negative, ignorant, and destructive kinds of people that you stereotype them as. It is wrong to stereotype an entire worldwide religion and its people because of the actions of a few. And for those of you calling us hate-filled, homophobic, and violent; just keep in mind what the Muslims are doing over in the Middle East. Unlike them, we do not abuse and oppress our women (except for a very few terrible men). We believe in the sanctity of life, and we don't go out murdering and exterminating those of another religion or those who have no religion. In addition, we do not impede on the progress of scientific study as also falsely-claimed by many millions. Have you never heard of Gregor Mendel, the Catholic clergyman who discovered genetics in experiments with pea plants? That man is probably the finest example of how Christians actually promote the advancements in science, especially since many of those advancements lead to the saving of lives.
For those of you calling us close-minded, redneck, hick, fascist, nazi, Republican (not that that's derogatory, by the way
For those of you calling we Christians close-minded, redneck, hick, fascist, nazi, Republican (not that that's derogatory, by the way), gay-basher, warmonger, hypocrite, retard, and many other, far more profane names and labels, perhaps you're not that open-minded yourselves. So, who's the REAL hypocrite?
by A Midwestern Christian March 27, 2005
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Man's worst invention.
It is wrong in almost every way.
It's an invasive religion, that is weak because of the non-believers are supposedly "dangerous".
Christianity is the religion of anti-gay, and has caused 90% of all humans to hate gays.
Christian: "Hey! Jesus Loves Us!"
Good Person: "No! You damn Christian! Get the Fuck out!"
by Nigga2DaResQ June 05, 2010
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The religion where people believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. These people usually read the Bible and go to Church. They are usually steriotyped and persecuted because of their beliefs. Christians should love always no matter what situation. They should accept homosexuals, murderers, liars, cheats, bullies, and all sinners. Christians themselves are sinners. Christianity is based on Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross to save us from our sins. He loved us so much, that it is now our turn to love others. Christianity is more of a way of life than a religion. It should be lived, not only believed.
by iceloverchristian March 13, 2015
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A communal fantasy land where things will get better as soon as you die, that is as long as you continue to believe what we tell you. Also, we want you to give us 10% of your income. I mean it's not us that wants that... It's God. We're just the messengers.
I can get you a great deal on beach front property in Arizona. If you believe that, you might be a candidate for christianity
by chipnhunter March 26, 2009
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