person who is intelligent, therefore dislikes talking with others, especially those of lesser intelligence. He/She is usually a misanthropist, though does not show it, as to not hurt peoples feelings . This person does not accept criticism, and will deny that they are ever wrong. this person is tired of searching for the meaning of their name and only getting "follower of christ". They do not accept bullying or abuse towards females. A person named Christian Is a person Who Deems human life as un-needed and therefore accepts the act of murder completely logical. They are not racist, for they hate everyone equally. They are very sarcastic, even when times are tense. These people enjoy the type people who others would call jerks or butt-holes, and will befriend these people. People named christian love heavy metal, as well as classical music. christians do not have very many friends, but the ones they have are fairly close, and christians would do anything for their friends
Eric: see that kid over there?
jason: yes, his name is Christian, he is cool but he is crazy
Eric: not crazy, but he is funny, very funny
by AngelOfdDeath October 02, 2012
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everyday people. christians arent bible hugging, insane church going freaks. yes we have our beliefs and we have faith in God, but we are normal people just like everyone else. so for anyone who thinks christians are crazy church praying robots. look around. i bet 1 in 5 people you know are christians. so dont judge people on their religion
bob: i met this HELLA hot girl. we made out and then she told me she was christian.

friend: lets go to church ;]
by hes the one July 10, 2008
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The guy I fell in love with. I'm too young to say this, but I know when I'm old and prune-like, I'll never regret loving him. It may be my hormones talking; but I love my hormones, and I always will :]
Christian is a perfectionist, a "pedophile," or so he claims (because he has many self-given names); okay, he's not a pedophile, he just says he is. He's actually only 17, but anyways ... He can be insightful, but then again, he can be negative, or what he says, "I'm not negative. I'm positive .. in a dark way."
He's insanely adorable with his phrases, and when you're near him, you will start to shake and incessantly babble on about the Odyssey. That's how great he is.

Many people will look at you funny when you point out who he is, but you won't care.

And whenever you pass by him (and this is probably only if he's secretly in love with you too), he can't help but look. This also goes for when you're in the same room, but you're not sitting at the same table.
He's insanely funny and has many comebacks. He's been through many things, which you can't help but feel sorry for him.
When you're talking to him online, he'll occasionally have one-worded answers, because, after all, he's a guy, but most of the time, he's truthful as to what he's feeling.
Christian is also intelligent.

Ultimately, he's what every girl (or so I think) wants.
Christian walks out of the room.
Friend: Who was that?
Me: That was Christian, the guy that I love.
by perfectionismsucks June 28, 2011
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Christian is one of a kind. Christian is insightful, extremely intelligent, caring, tenacious, and an innovator. Christian's caring heart may make you think that his empathy is endless, but beware, Christian will not be taken advantage of. Christian is a magnet of positive ions and energy that spreads to everyone who will acknowledge this fact. He has amazing dreams and goals that he will surely succeed at and excel. Christian's realism and matter-of-fact attitude may give you the idea that he isn't emotional, although he's a realist, he is capable of extremely deep and profound emotions and is fully secure in his masculinity, so he isn't afraid to show it. Christian's creativity will blow your face off if you ever witness it. Christian's smile will melt even the coldest of hearts, so bright and full of hope and joy. Christian's eyes will show you what it's like to gaze into a sea which is the brightest of greens and the deepest of blues at the same time. Beware- Don't gaze too long, otherwise you may find that you have stripped your clothes off and are standing there naked in the hopes of being ravished by Christian. He's a sexy beast. You will know when you meet Christian, because you'll know you just met an amazing person.

Note- Just because his name is Christian doesn't mean he is a believer in any specific faith.
Is that a sexy beast? Yeah, his name is Christian.
by Naill Ijr June 20, 2011
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christians are believers of a faith based on little more than a 2000 year-old book that could have been written by anyone. christians believe in such scientifically impossible items/events as a virgin birth, a talking snake and a tale about a man surviving 3 days inside a fish. their religion has very little pull in reality and frankly makes little sense.

most christians are a hypocritical bunch and love to pass judgement on others even though such an act is condemned by their 'bible'. an easy example of this is their annoying tendancy to meddle in other people's sexuality when it has no effect on themselves.

christians believe that a being they call 'god' resides up in the sky and when you die, if you repent and blah blah blah you be accepted into the kindgom of heaven. if you are a sinner and do not accept christ, you are damned to 'hell' which is described as a lake of fire.

christianity, like many other religious sects or cults practises the always humble act of genocide and are more than happy to kill you because your religion doesn't match theirs. too bad christianity is just the numberless draft of the exact same story, used for the basis of almost every other religion.
(1) man: i was born gay and have finally found the courage to be honest with myself.

christian: you filthy fag, rot in hell.

(2) christian: you are a terrible person for not believing in the lord, he will smite you and such.

girl: that's funny 'cause it says right here in the bible when you judge others, you condemn yourself. enjoy 'hell'. lol.
by concerned for human kind's iq August 30, 2009
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People who believe a man with a beard floats in the sky and watches everything we do... And yes, Timmy, that includes you; No more masturbating.
J-Dizzle: Yo, i'm christian.
T-Dawg: That's stupid.
by Vanilla Bear 2 December 31, 2009
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n. A Christian is someone who believes an omnipresent omnibenevolent deity exists who understands and comprehends everything in all of it's intricacies, no matter how small or mundane. Perhaps more miraculous than the being itself is the unwavering denial, even in the wake of 9/11, and Slavery, and the Holocaust, and the child sex rings in Cambodia, and the dark ages, and the use of an atomic bomb...twice...on civilians.
"Police say a Forrest City, Arkansas man has been charged with raping his 8 day-old baby."

Child: Mom why did the man hurt the baby?

Mother: Well sweety, the baby simply didn't pray hard enough, if the baby had been a good christian and taken notes, not only would it have avoided rape, but would be rich and peeing on underage girls like that upstanding R. Kelly fellow. That man can pray, and it shows! *sigh* It's good to know that there's a force of perfect good keeping everything in balance
by Ignorancekills August 24, 2009
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People who use a religion called "Christianity" to cover up one or more personal weaknesses/flaws. Christians are often associated with racism, homophobia, and child molestation.
by Bad_Religion March 31, 2005
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