music that is just as good a scular music but about God
and all good bands
by the buck June 9, 2005
Rock music that are writen for and about jesus christ(or god in general), also something different to praise god by instead of the ussual hyms!!!!
"ONE WAY JESUS" Hillsong Australia is an example of christian rock!!!!
by soulio July 1, 2005
people modivated by God and their Saviour, Jesus to write&play rock music about God&Jesus.
Have you heard the new Kids In The Way CD? Man, I love christian rock.
by onextruth July 6, 2004
A cheap form of music where people try their hardest to sound like the rock band Creed using lyrics that reference the Christian religion and fail epically!
Dude: I like Creed.

Fag: Aren't they christian rock.

Dude: Go to hell!
by TomBosley January 29, 2009
Music that reaches out to today's mostly younger generation, and enables christians and non-christians to have something in common because they have similar tastes in music. It is labeled rock for its sound, not lyrics (which explains why there is also christian rap, pop, and punk music). It provides an escape from the profane and vulgar lyrics of secular rock music, and emphasizes everyday battles and temptations that we face.
Christian rock bands include Haste the Day, Still Remains, Underoath, Flee the Seen, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH, Chasing Victory, Pillar, The Showdown, etc.
by Ashli June 17, 2006
Christian Rock - Disgusting. I just watched a music video of Pillar. We cannot take the profane and make it Christian just by adding some words that no one can hear anyway. Would they play that way if Jesus was the only one in the audience? I think not! When was the last time you verbally shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone!
I hate Christian Rock
by redeemed March 7, 2007
1. an oxymoron
2. a diversion genre of music to distract young, restless, and confused Christians from their real religion.
"Forget my priest, I'm going to find God through Skillet."
by Chud is funny February 27, 2005