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An elusive genre of pornography deemed non-sinful by some slightly less repressed Christian sects on account of it shows actual Christian married couples portraying the parts of actual Christian married couples engaging in the limited set of Bible-approved reproductive sexual activities, for the purpose of providing instruction to purchasers, also supposedly actual Christian married couples. Christian porn films are made under very strict guidelines, and are not to be found at the local pornorama, where they might fall into the hands of masturbating heathens.
I tried to get hold of of some Christian porn, but they wouldn't give me any cause I'm not married. Or Christian. So fuck them.
by pandeism September 30, 2010
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When a self proclaimed person declares themselves a Christian and is caught watching Porn.
Man, I just caught that Christian dude watching porn on his laptop!

Must be Christian Porn!
by Uarebusted April 28, 2014
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