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A Christian punk is, on a base level, just a Christian who enjoys punk music.

Many Christian punks adopt common punk, hardcore, or straight-edge ideologies. Common ideologies can be anti-consumerism, DIY ethos, anarchism or communism, vegetarianism, questioning of social norms, nonconformity, sexual abstinence, straight-edge living, and a distrust or disdain for authority.

Many in the punk subculture reject the term "Christian Punk" as an oxymoron. This is similar to the sentiments felt by many in the metal community about the term "Christian Metal". Critics claim that punk is, by it's very nature, in direct conflict with the mainstream (Christianity being included as a part of the mainstream).

Many churches and Christian leaders have rejected Christian Punk for other reasons. Many Christian Punk bands challenge listeners to question authority and social norms. They sometimes promote anarchism or communism. This has led to them being unwelcome in many Christian establishments. Some Christian Punk bands are not bothered by this, however, as they might reject some or all of the church establishment outright.

Defenders of the genre maintain that because of the many differing ideologies within the punk subculture, taking a radical, more libertarian look at the Bible doesn't necessarily separate an artist from the ideas that have always defined punk. They maintain that being a Christian and rejecting the mainstream are ideas that can coexist.
Punk #1: "Hey, look at that rocker over there with the cross and chi-rho!"
Punk #2: "Oh, he must be one of those Christian Punks."
Punk #1: "What's a Christian Punk?"
Punk #2: "I have no idea."

Church Leader: "You, Mr. Punk Rocker, are not welcome in this establishment. Come back when you can respect authority!"
Christian Punk: "Screw you and your shallow judgement. I'm only here for the free bread!"
by lifecheese August 04, 2010
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Christian punk is basically punk except that it is for christians. They listen to punk music, but generally go for the music that doesn't swear a lot. It's a more tame version of punk, except they hate "improper authority" (authority that they believe shouldn't be in the authoritative position of power) as much as general punk hates "all" authority. They wear clothes identical to both neo-punk and just general punk.
You see that kid over there who looks like a skater with the cool hair? Yeah, he's Christian Punk.
by Anarchy-Punk_1 June 06, 2009
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punk should be the voice of free-minded people...which christians are far from..

A way for brain-washed christian kids to feel cool.
(contrary to the non-believer kids that are just posers and think punk means not to give a shit about anything and to act rebellious so that they can show the other how special they are)
It's so convenient that they invented christian punk, now i can dress punk but not worry what my church buddies and their moms might think
by Zoster May 13, 2007
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