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Music lacking in self expression and feeling. Like the Jonas Brothers, only made moreso for the soccer moms and the eight year olds.

"Yes Jesus Loves Me"... badly played.

The type of crap you get when you go to some kids youth group and everyone's swaying with their eyes closed singing a stupid song.
Christian Kid - YEAH! Jesus!
Normal Person with a Soul - That's cool... I wrote a song.
Christian Kid - Nope... nope... This has drug references in it...
Normal Person with a Soul - Okay... How about this one?
Christian Kid - I can't play this... It says damn.
Normal Person with a Soul - Well... what do you have?
Christian Kid - I've got Casting Crowns and an original that I wrote... "You built my faith up and stuff... I freaking love you"
Normal Person with a Soul - That sounds like everything else you write and listen to...
Christian Kid - I KNOW! It's totally Christian Music!
by Koffing September 10, 2009
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The Christian- prefix on any musical genre stands for the employment of that particular genre as a means for brainwashing. Fortunately the makers of Christian- music usually do not understand the genre they are trying to emulate and do a very poor job.
Christian-Music, Christian-Rock, Christian-Rap, Christian-BongoSitarYodelHarmonicaEuphoniumGroove
by asdf October 13, 2008
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The only genre of music that is defined by its lyrical content rather than its sound, which is sad because there are just as many different genres lumped under the title "christian music" as are in the mainstream. And by the way, it's awesome when a real Christian band has a mainstream hit or crosses over (as long as they remain a Christian band).
"I can't believe Underoath and Chris Tomlin are both grouped together under the same genre of music! What's up with that???"
by annaBanana3 June 01, 2005
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A genre of music performed, in reality, by extremely talented artists who gave up the secular industry and making possibly millions, to praise their Father. Some however, switch over from Christian to secular, sadly, or make crossover hits, like Switchfoot and Stacy Orrico. The assumptive sir above me doesn't know his music or he would know Switchfoot's vocals and strings have won various awards on both sides of the fence. As well as all of this proof of the quality of Christian music delivers a far better message than most secular trash. Sure the sound and talent is tight but that does not excuse the immorality of most lyrics on the secular beat.
Switchfoot rocks. POD rocks. Pappa San rocks (let's put shaggy to shame shall we?), Twelve stones (duet and tour w/ Evenescence) ROCKS. Kutless is just plain hot...Barlow girl is freakin awesome. Superchick is the Gwen Stefani of Christian music (great sense of style as well as great punk sound) AND currently indi band, Fixed Eternity is going to be a hit if they last.
by Kutlessfan September 05, 2004
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Music that is very inspiring for Christians, most people except it to sound like "Oh praise ye Holy Father... praise ye!" but it really just sounds like most music.
"Most Christian music is pretty good."
by A random somebody September 01, 2005
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although good for moms, you will often go to sleep with this music if you're used to pop, rap, and rock. the singers are good, but they lack in style.
blonde soccer mom: let's listen to the radio!
cool son: star 94?
blonde soccer mom: no, I wanna listen to casting crowns and toby mac!
cool son: aw come on, I've been listening to that crap since i was a baby! can we PLEASE listen to Taio Cruz?
blonde soccer mom: no Jesus isn't mentioned in it. It's permenantly Christian music.
by Blakepwner January 24, 2011
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