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one who goes to church for the free food, and the fun, not for jesus or the bible.
Jack is such a christian faker! I saw him put 5 bagels in his backpack at sunday service.
by thatchristiankid_51 September 15, 2010
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1) Any Christian you meet anywhere

2) Anyone that goes to a church building (regardless of denomination) and have sing-a-longs about how good everything is and then sit through a lecture of the same kind.

3) Anyone who bases everything that they do or don't do, from the book called the Bible (which is the equivalent to the Koran for the Islamic religion, or the Book of Mormon to the Mormons). Also, if they talk to someone who DOESN'T know or believe what THEY believe, that someone is a lost soul.

4) The person who talks to you about how their belief is the right way and everyone should believe the same way or else it is said that one will go to hell (a place that is described as a place of eternal torture and pain).
Christian Faker: This morning in church, the pastor read this real awesome passage from 1 Thessalonians that read...

Friend: You know, I came here to hangout, not be preached at, ok?

Christian Faker: But I really want you to hear this; it so spoke to me...but alright.
by Dave The Symphony April 26, 2011
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