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A moment in which a person experiences a high amount of frustration and anger so high, he cannot control it and in turn beats the shit out of a beautiful woman relentlessy. The person then goes on making numerous apologies to that victim, then later on feels it's okay to jump the shit out of a homosexual. Afterwards, continues to act like a douchebag by doing songs with bad rappers and pretends to do caring things like crying while doing a tribute to Michael Jackson when all he really wants is to get people to forget about the earlier incidents. He then turns things around by dying his hair blonde so he looks a little less like legendary comedian, Sinbad and makes a few good songs.Afterwards, this certain person gets sent back to prison for drug abuse, because abusing people just didn't cut it, and starts to go on an endless drug-addicted journey similar to Lindsey Lohan. In a nutshell: Hollywood can do a lot of awful shit to today's celebrities...
Craig: Dude I'm about to have a Chris Brown Moment with this bitch!!!
Dan: Don't lose your cool Craig! She may be an annoying cunt, but it's not worth featuring in corny-ass songs with Lil' Wayne man!
by Dr.P.Nis July 28, 2014
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