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Chris' Law: Established in the second half of 2011 by Christopher Lake, Chris' Law states that whenever something bad or "negative" happens, it is always the fault of Jackson Carmusin. Despite Jackson being of Jewish descent, this is in no way racist what so ever. This law was most likely established or "made up" while the creator of it, Christopher, was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Despite this most likely being true, everybody follows this law. Those who choose to question the law WILL recieve an arrow to the knee, and those who give complaints about receiving said arrow, will recieve a Mike Tyson to the ear.
Example #1:
Michelle: I died in Mortal Kombat !_!
Tony the Brony: Look at Chris' law.
Michelle: Jackson -______-

Example #2:
Khaled: Well my mom smacked me... Again.
Jackson: That's my fault, sorry.

Example #3:
Rose: Jackson did it.
by MetallicYoshi64 February 02, 2012
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