a guy who seems very nice and friendly, but secretly forgets your birthday and is a total perve. DOUCHE
Maeve- yeh i kno
by Azzaaaaa August 26, 2008
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A fucking dickhead who no one likes, no matter what he always thinks that his friends will love him no matter what, stalks girls as well, what a knob.
Girl:Fuck off.
Chris:haha funny joke!
by loltrain69 August 29, 2011
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a man small in stature and thin to the bones but looks like jesus in a toga, while maintaining a resemblance of tom cruise at all times....

Also known as having hobbit monkey toes that throw poop....

has no feeling in his testicles..or ankles
Where's your Chris???

It's 8:05 do you know where your Chris is???
by NikknakkJebAsh February 28, 2010
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To forget entire English language in a matter of seconds due to an unforeseen event, such as the entrance of a beautiful woman into a conversation.
"She came over and joined the conversation, she spoke to him and then he f*cking chris'd, it was awkward as hell."
by DoucheTwat September 25, 2014
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A term given to gay guys, who have small cocks high voices and LOVE it up the ass. Thinks he's strait but everyone knows he's gay. He is a try hard but 100% of the time he fails. No pubes, walks talks and acts like a girl. Pussies out at everything.
Guy 1: did you see that guy last night who was grinding on me? Who the fuck was that?
Guy 2: oh shit man that has to be chris.

Guy 1: dude your pulling a chris right now
Guy 2: shit dude fucking take it back.
by random chicks June 04, 2011
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A romperstomper. Happy all the time AND SHOWS NO FEELINGS TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLE OR SADNESS! Doesn't like to open up to people. very sexy(; usually fall for them BUT DON'T! THEY WILL FOOL YOU! It's not a good feeling. I've been there, done that. Gone around the block and back. NO! Bad idea. Hide your children. It's the only way to save them! There are boys and girls called chris, so BEWARE!

You best take my warning seriously! :D
still really like you Chris, but i shouldn't sadly. D:
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