a nasty ass, stupid, beat, looser, likes cop callers that put him in jail, likes nasty chin hair whores, the list can go on and on. its not anything nice either
omg look at chris hes with that nasty chin hair whore....

chris your so beat....

hey chris can you stop at the store i need to shave my chin hair....

hi my name is chris and i like a nasty chin hair cop caller that put me jail

a man that is stupid

a lifer at barleycorns.....
by crazy legz 1 January 10, 2011
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a very weird and tall individual
naomi: hey i know what your name is
unknown: what?
Naomi: Chris!!
Chris: how did you know?
Naomi: your weird and tall, duh.
by yakkk68 May 01, 2010
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The most inconciderate person i have ever met. AND has the smallest penis I have ever seen.
by lovepink10 September 23, 2010
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A man that is extremely fat and chubby. However he is often a very jolly person to be around. He is either a love or hate person.
by A Big Bonus September 29, 2011
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is a prick and a bum and needs to get a life, job, girlfreind and also stop been a fucking bum bumming of some one else.
hes been a right chris and half.
(if you dont know what it stands for look it up on urban dictionary)
by george savinsky October 21, 2009
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