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A HOT AS HELL Greek/Irish boy who was believed to be the lead singer of Dream Street, because he deserves to be. I had a major crush on him back in the third grade. You cant look at one hot picture of him for less than five seconds without wanting to make out with him. He was the hottest member of DreamStreet, hotter than than Jesse by 100x. But sadly, after he turned 17, he aged FOREVER. Especially on the decline of Dreamstreet. Now, he looks so ugly now, even uglier than Jesse McCartney.
Chris Trousdale - Former member of boyband dreamstreet that we wish never split up if their parents hadnt been so angry over the producers. Chris Trousdale is might fine and a lot of girls wish they could meet him because he is godly handsome . A deep voice that can KILL a girl (ME)
by ChrisTrousdaleisHot April 10, 2015
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