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A rare degenerative disease that is triggered by being signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. Often called CHD, Chris Henry Disease causes the afflicted individual to, after getting into a domestic dispute, jump into the back of a pickup truck that is being driven by the individual's fiancee. After a few moments, the afflicted party proceeds to be ejected from the truck and receive serious head injuries, causing the subsequent hospitalization and death of the subject in question. Since 2009, CHD has claimed the life of at least 1 Bengals wide receiver every year. Named after recently diagnosed Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry.
Jon: Wow, I just got offered a 6 year contract to be a Bengals wide receiver!

Jake: I dunno man, I heard Bengals wide receivers are prone to developing Chris Henry Disease.

Jon: O really? I had no idea. I guess I'll just play for the St. Louis Rams for awhile...
by Daddy B0k December 17, 2009
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