After Smoking Cannabis , The Face Sinks Lower , Until The Chin Meets The 1st Rib , Truely Stoned
Ay He Don't Need Another Cap On My Chong , He's Got Chong Decapitation Goin On !
by The V ONE 2nd To None March 4, 2019
a word to descriminate people of the aisan country.
Hey look! a ching chong!
by AngryFarmerz October 7, 2022
ching chong chiiiina
ching chong chinese song come around and sing along
by ducksplingngngngn February 15, 2022
Words that clearly cut Asians, as proven in previous examples

It is used as a joke for the most part, sometimes used to hurt. In this case its done both hurt and mocked yet also made people laugh
Hey there you dumb gook, are you gonna speak your ching chong language no one even understands?
by DetJakePeralta June 14, 2021
A young Chinese child would yell "CHONG! CHING CHONG!" when he spots a calculator.
by Jack_Dinkleburg January 31, 2022
a city in China, also a name of a person
Tom: lets go to Nan Chong
Paul: as in the city or the person
by derpythincow March 13, 2022