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There are three types:

The choir geek: They are very interested in music. They may have good voices, but their primary talent is actually enjoying sight-reading. They have a passion. They enjoy it above everything else. They may major later on.

The ch. nerd: The sole purpose of his membership is that he can't fit in with anyone else. He acts like a little kid, may run around in practice, and make stupid jokes that a non-ch. kid would have bullied him for.

The plain ch. kid: Doesn't want to be too involved (see example for more info.)
Do not confuse thechoir geek with the nerd.

Typical choir geek joke: A: what is the name of that funeral song? B: what? A: This one (hums tune) B: That's an aria. how can an aria be a funeral song?

Choir nerd jokes, on the other hand, are usually in some way related to excrement, if not, are just plain stupid.

The first two types both use choir as an outlet, as a social group, that all your friends are a part of. However, the plain ch. kid is smart, in that he realizes that choir is a CLASS. He takes it because it is the most interesting Elective (not group), but is either in sports, or simply thinks that the others are too weird, which they are.

Choir kid
by Urine Corporation October 18, 2012
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Any selfish and elitist bastard who cannot see that there are other people who matter, and are constantly so absorbed in their own talent that they often sing everywhere they go, often inappropriately and with songs that no one wants to hear.
Hey, do you want to go hang out with the Choir Kids later?

Hell no, they are selfish and elitist bastards.
by Grandilotroll September 19, 2011
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A kid who finds enjoyment and comfort in singing and goofing off with other of it's kind.

Will be in multiple shows and a very dramatic person.

At times breaks into song but only when around others of its kind or provoked.

Listens to Broadway music more than normal people could stand and can quote a lot of it
Beware of the choir kids! They run in packs and they will sing your ears off.
by Choir kid #8 January 25, 2017
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