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One out of 13 amazing, self-composing, beautiful, handsome and humble boys. Seungcheol is the leader of the whole group, hip-hop unit and 'father' of Seventeen. Born on the August 8 1995. Go stan my boys and give them love. They deserve it. Give attention and care to all their albums so far: 17 Carat, Boys Be, Love Letter, Love Letter Repackage Album, 17 Hits, Going Seventeen, Al1 and Teen Age. At first you may not like them (or you fall head over heels for them) but after awhile you'll be so addicted and you'll be screaming the lyrics and fanchant. GIVE LOVE!!
Person 1: OMG he is so caring and such a great leader!!
Person 2: He is a Choi Seungcheol, I love it!
by HiddenAngel May 04, 2018
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