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1. Verb:
To "Chocolate Fudge Brownie" someone is to place your nuts into another person's butt ("nutz in buttz") in the midst of or around the time they have been pooing, so that the inside of the anus is moist with excrement. Then you pull your balls out (with a *pop*), making sure they are aptly caked with warm fecal matter. Next you have the person whose crap is enveloping your testes gnaw and suck on them until they are shiny and clean.

A variation of the C.F.B. act is known as "Chocolate Fudge Brownie, A La Mode" (or "A La Mode" for short). You must make sure that the poo on your balls is sticky and fresh for this to work. After you have popped your filthy testicles out of your partner's ass, they must jack you off into a cup or small bowl. Then you will dip your nuts into the cum-cup, and when you lift them out the semen will have stuck to the shit, adding a pearly white complement to the disgusting dessert about to be eaten. Once this is done, the nut-nibbling can commence.

2. Noun:
A shit-covered ball or pair of balls, about to be gnawed on.

3. Noun:
Delicious flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Cam'Ron: "What'd you get?"
Arthur: "Just some Chocolate Fudge Brownie."
Cam'Ron: "No homo?"
Arthur: "No, homo."
Cam'Ron: "Eeeeeeew."
by Timepack October 14, 2007
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