When you stick a chocolate snack in an asshole, then eat it aftarwards.
I had a very nice Chocolate Treat from my girlfriend last night
by Bigbootybitch87 April 06, 2011
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(n.) a piece of shit frozen in order to make it hard enough to use as a dildo; stick shit necessary
Michael Clark's mother asked Ms. Collier to borrow a dildo but she gave her a frozen chocolate treat instead.
by Sotw May 03, 2006
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The act in which someone shits down your urethra, fills your bladder with shit, you wait 3 days for it to get marinated in your piss, piss it out and freeze it for a nice snack.
person1: i made some BCPT's
person2: whats that?
person1: Brazilian chocolate pipe treats
by obama boomer June 01, 2020
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