Pussy Shit. When you shuief it isn't called shuief shit, it is called chocolate sauce. Chocolate Sauce is generally dark and liquidy and looks like chocolate sauce you would use to make chocolate milk. This is because you can't shit out solid pieces of poop out of a vagina so the shit is liquidy like period blood.
Brooke shuiefed while Grant was eating her out and Grant yelled, "Fuck, now there is a mixture of Dark Cum and Chocolate Sauce all over my leather assless chaps."

by Shuiefer Dark Cum Stallion January 29, 2008
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Semen from an African American, especially when ejaculated into or onto a Caucasian. Adds a little flavor.
Jamal: What's good, playa? I saw you leave the party with that white girl last night.

Terrell: Hell yeah, I dribbled chocolate sauce all over that plain vanilla ice cream. That shit was bangin'.
by Corporate Monk3y October 18, 2010
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Produced from between one's cheeks and thrown in the face of whoever hates juggalos.
When one bends over to produce massive fecal matter... or "Bubbling Chocolate Sauce" all over the face of a hater of anything anywhere... especially DeutscheBags that hate juggalos for no specific reason, then find out we're cool and try to be like us, but cant... sad day!
by KILLJOY509 August 22, 2011
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The diarrhea you get when you eat Mexican food
Damn man That was a major batch of Mexican Chocolate Sauce
by Angelus the Fallen August 9, 2008
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The stuff (be it juice, bbq sauce or ejaculate) that comes out of the end of a penis belonging to a black dude.
Anal matter that may evacuate during or after anal sex.
An intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations...Better known as diarrhea.
Hey April, move your head to the side a little, here comes my chocolate Rocket Sauce!
by Mr. Crud January 5, 2009
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When a guy and a girl simultaneously take a dump together while having the sex. The guy sits like normal and the girl straddles him facing the other way. They then begin coitus while also shitting. The girl tries to shit between the man's legs but isn't always successful. This is usually preceded by a blumpkin.
Susan and I had both just eaten a spicy meal which caused us to have to shit, but we were feeling frisky, so we decided to perform the criss-cross chocolate sauce.
by JoeShmo1993 December 16, 2017
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The concoction of menstruation blood and liquefied poop, though still the normal brownish color, that combines in the bowl of a toilet when a woman drops a deuce.
Sara, why didn't you flush the chocolate raspberry sauce from last night?
by SloppyJoe93 September 5, 2015
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