When a person presses their asshole against another person or object, leaving a shit ring that resembles a donut.
"Charles pressed his ass against my arm and left a chocolate donut tattoo."
by Abbass August 30, 2007
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the act of performing anal sex, then inserting your cock into your partners mouth while they preceed to smile like a donut...leaving a chocolate ring around their mouth.
In leiux of harsh punishment for the mistakes she made, I glazed her with a chocolate covered donut.
by Pimp Hand July 16, 2006
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When you fucking in the ass. And you cum. When you pull out you grab the base of your dick and pull up from base to tip. The poo and semen left on your hand is a chocolate glazed donut
Fucked her in the ass till I came. Then she turned around and ate a chocolate glazed donut
by Shinodalike August 21, 2015
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When a male fucks a girl in the ass then pulls out with shit on his dick and sticks it in the puss
by Front fart September 19, 2019
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