A dark haired girl who is skinny and flat-ish. She is athletic and tall. Chloes usually are dramatic at times, but are loyal to the end. The fun girlfriend that would rather play in the waves rather than get a tan. They make amazing friends.

"She seems like a Chloe."
"No way! I didn't know you guys were friends too!"
"Yeah,Chloe plays soccer and track.
by NamesAndDescriptions44 November 16, 2016
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To find a Chloe is a great achievement, you will be very lucky. A Chloe is a girl who is very lovely and witty, which other fellow creatures wish to be like. If you give her a milkshake she will adore you, or her friend who she is often found called Gabriella who embrasses her 95% of the time. Unfortunately the Gabriella who will have unusally small feet will not stop stalking her.
Randomer: "Yo whatup chloe, hows it hanging?"
A Chloe: "Hmmm I'm alright thanks, if it's normal to have Gabbi running around me like a hyper five year old acting her shoe size not her real age"
A Gabriella: "Oh damnit, ooooooh- " - At this point a Gabriella would run off when she sees a Yellow or Pink butterfly.
by alleirbag April 12, 2008
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Chloe is a loyal friend however VERY stubborn. She's one of those who always has to be right, but this gives her determination. She has extremely blue eyes and is normally under-height. Chloe is intelligent and has a high interest in cool gadgets however always seems to break them. Chloe's will often pick their best friends as those who they can boss about, however if they pick a friend who is higher than themselves, they need to have caution as that friend may not be who they think they are.
"Hey Chloe, I told you I was right!"

"Shut up!"
by Awesomepp December 23, 2011
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The most AMAZING girl you will ever meet. She is so loving and down to earth, and she's sweet like CANDY โ™ฅ. She will NEVER let you down and she is SUPER hard to get mad at. It's impossible to stay mad at her. HER ASS IS REALLY NICE TOO ;). AND HER BOOBS. DAYUM. xD Anyways, you'll never regret meeting her and she's gonna stay with you, and if she doesn't, which will never happen, you can chop her boobs and ass off. (:
"You know that girl Chloe?"
"I lub dat ass."
by datgurlyouknowwho December 29, 2011
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an amazing, beautiful and smart girl. She is a great friend and is always there.
by shortyyy.5ft<3 July 15, 2016
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She's good at sports, smart, nice, and gorgeous. She's very brave, and never gives up anything! She would take others, before herself. Later on in life she will do great things!
"Hey, I need help on a math problem, Chloe."
I can help you!" Chloe says happily.
by LOLz March 13, 2013
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Someone who is very outgoing, likes a change, perhaps hair colour, or shoes, a Chloe is someone who is sensitive, bitchy but is always looking out for friends, she stands for what she believes in and if she says she's going to do something, she'll do it. Her true emotions are not seen by many people but if you're lucky enough to understand her and have her trust you will be in her good books. Do not get on her bad side.
Boy #1: uh-oh, here comes the bitch, part so she can walk through.

Boy #2: yeah its Chloe
by firrrrrrebitch May 06, 2012
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