switching up chit chatting to chat chitting... made by the great dane cook
I did some chat chitting with that girl. Ya..i flipped that shit.
by D-Man DROCK April 24, 2006
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'Chat-chit. Yeah that’s right: I flipped that shit. They’re just words. They don’t control us. Not any more ...long pause....
by courtpwnsu July 10, 2008
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Joe Bloggs to his friend: "You should see this YouTube channel video about some womans clarinet practice.
Joe bloggs friend: "What's it called; the channel?"
Joe bloggs: "Virtual High Tea coffee n cakes and a bit of Clarinet Chit Chat".
Joe Bloggs friend: "Cool."
by Usebleach January 17, 2021
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English chat room created on Instagram live..

Where host speak to the best UK talent on @beam.ig platform..
Imma jump on the chit chat live on beam platform
by @beam.ig April 24, 2020
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When you cc all your friends on an email asking a simple question in the subject line and it sets off a mass of useless comments and comments on comments ad infinitum of no use in answering the question.
I asked Google "What does it mean to be an American" and Google's number one answer was an essay by a 10-year-old who doesn't know anything about citizenship and perhaps couldn't find the USA is on the globe, all because somebody who ran a contest for kids hired an SEO expert. So I sent an email to all my friends "How do we get Google to do its fucking job?" and that set off a chit-chat-storm, but nobody had a fucking idea of how to get Google to do its fucking job.
by Len Bakerloo December 07, 2019
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