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This is the chinese version of the original Zampa action. The slight difference is for those chinese who can't speak italian in the perfect way it is needed, in order to perform an original Zampa. Therefore, despite the fact that the cheesy italian accent is undoable, one could choose to say the exact same phrase: "I will kill you with MY cock", while pinching a girl on her nose, when she is giving you head - in a chinese accent instead. A chinese accent in this case is every kind of action that would be related to something that is asian, even fake westernized chinese accent that you could see in early hollywood movies. This means that everybody could perform a rather perfect chinese Zampa.
-How was last night?

-Great, I gave a girl some chinese Zampas


-Yeah, she couldn't understand what I said the first time, so I kept on until I found a great chinese accent and she got it.
by Chinese Zampa February 22, 2010
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