A positive term for a female of Chinese descent. The term has appeared frequently in popular culture as a term of empowerment.
The song "China Lady" by the band Accept. An episode of Six Days of Justice was called "The China Lady."
A matrimonial service that caters to Chinese women is called "www.SouthChinaLady.com"
The name of a popular book is called "Manhattan's China Lady."
by Lacrosseguy83 November 24, 2008
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"Hey dude, could you pass me a light?"

"Sure, I don't have a lighter, but here's my China Zippo"
by lseD April 14, 2010
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a smart girl who is vary attractive gets girls and vary smart knows how to play basketball and is a d1 athlete she loves school and hates bullies she likes to hang around with her friends she's gonna be a special girl when she grow up
wow girl that's china she fine asl I'm finna go talk to he and I herd she can do my homework she's a keeper !!!
by therealtaker July 18, 2019
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A China Farmer is a character within a MMORPG that is used for the sole purpose of gathering in-game currency, items, and other resources. The China Farmer is often employed by a Chinese Company that specalizes in selling in-game currency over the internet. Often times, the China Farmer character is played by multiple people so that the character never has to log off, therefore giving it the ability to always be gathering resources. Be warned that the China Farmer will often remain in an area for days at a time and will employ any tactic, including dirty, tricky and underhanded ones, to remove or discourage other players from gathering resrouces in that area. Also, be advised that the China Farmer speaks little to no English and will often yell at other characters in broken English or various dialects of Chinese. China Farmers are hated by the general gaming community for their ability to destroy the in-game economy and for giving rich players an unfair advantage over other players.
"Me and my friend tried to get some good drops in Tyr's Hand the other night but all these China Farmers kept leading all these mobs to us and we wound up having to leave."
by Uriel Spears August 08, 2005
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very pure form of heroin, alternately a fentanyl analog used as a heroin substitute
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
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