When you forcefully shove a half-cooked, beef filled, chimichanga down your patterns throat whilst having a leg of a frog in your ass
I may still have some frog up my ass after that chimichanga bojinga last night.
by Dexter the vexter November 12, 2020
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when your have sex and the person on the bottom leaves a brown stain on the sheets.
yeah me and derek had sex last night and when we finished, he got up and i noticed he left a big chimichanga bomb on my sheets!
by hurtfulstinker March 19, 2021
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A relationship where you both really frickin chimichangas cuz there good
Tod: you and Amy really have a chimichanga relationship

Cory: well doesn't everyone?
by Shequala June 25, 2017
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A person that perceives their surroundings as an infinite ploom of color and desires a LOT of baked goods. They tend to enjoy Adele and eating chocolate chip infused pumpkin bread. This type of person inserts terms like " pish posh, toothbrushing, and you're being a cotton headed ninny muggins!" most frequently. They only correspond through telegrams and handcrafted letters flown by the elite species of pigeon.
"Hey Bill!"

"Are you going to go toothbrushing today?"

"i dont know. whoa, is that a chimichanga?!"

"BY GOD IT IS!!!!!!!!"
by chimisenior April 06, 2019
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One who believes only what he is told without ascertaing actual factual evidence noob conspiracy theorist
He read the earth was flat after seeing pictures of the globe. He was the Ultima Chimichanga
by ArchersShootArrows September 25, 2018
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When during intercourse you ram your thumb into your partner's asshole so hard they shit all over you dick making the "Saucy Chimichanga"
Yeah, last night I gave the saucy chimichanga to lucy last night, she dumped me afterwards but it was so worth the experience.
by Sysconism January 28, 2016
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