A state of comple relaxation and chill-out-ness. To get in a mind set where nothing can faze you.
person1: "jesus man ur stressing me out, work is doing my head in, I'm going crazy!"
person2: "you realy need to chillax before you burst a blood vessel".
by 50percenthuman May 05, 2005
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Boy 1: If we don't win our next game, we won't make the play-offs
Boy 2: Chillax! Of course we'll win, that team suck.
by Jamachine October 22, 2006
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A mix between two words "chill" & "relax" a word used & made up in the hawaiian ilands.
chill-relax, "chillax"
by Urban Dictionary January 15, 2005
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Commonly used to combine the words 'Chew' and 'Laxatives'. It is very effective in desrcibing the action of chewing laxatives as it also informs of laxatives' "relaxing" nature.

The phrase "Chillax to the MAX" is actually a medical term used by docters. When a patient comes in so bloted the docter medically prescribe laxatives, the patient is then recommended to pack a suitcase and take the week off whilst they go to the crapper. Chillax to the max should never be used in a humorous manner as it is a deadly condition and should be considered with the ut-most regaurd.
After a week of camping where the only toilets are the ones you dig out of the ground...

dude1: Man i havnt crapped in like a week... *groans*
dude2: Man just chillax!
by Hawksuser January 08, 2008
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