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Pornography with children (defined by being lower than the age of consent) featured in it. It is widely hated in today's world, but some people out there transfer it illegally through P2P.
by Unmasked Truth January 22, 2006
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An act of doing bad touches to a minor involving with sexual favors with children as young as 3-9 years old usually older looking men prefer them because some cannot get laid with an adult female.
Child porn a person who enjoys seeing little children naked and has many sexual fantasy with the minor child porn.

~Sick bastard!
by l337f4agg0t May 17, 2010
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its sick, little kids fucking is sick!
though, being 15, i wish i could see some 15 year old porn...
but the real young shit is fucking SICK!
by jim October 04, 2005
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The best kind of porn there is, better than lesbian, gay, and even trans gay lesbian!!
Hey dude did you watch Kellyโ€™s new Child Porn video last night?!??
by CyclicHarmony32 October 11, 2018
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Child Porn is pornography containing anyone under the legal age (which varies from country to country). It seems to be very popular online, and is starting to become more open - considering it was an underground problem for along time. The self-made King of Child Porn is R@yGold and this pseudonymned phenom shows no sign of slowing down.
Man 1: You ever watch Child Porn?
Man 2: Hell yeah, it's super easy to get nowadays!
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
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Pornography made by children for children.
Mother: Peter, I can hear you moaning. Are you watching adult material?
Little Peter: No, it's just child porn.
by kiliik September 12, 2006
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