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Chicago Christian High School, often pronounced "alcohol abuse", is derived from the word bool. It is segregated by color and social class. The lowest of classes are the emos. You might hear them screaming in the lunch room, and you can pick them out because their hair screams all lives matter. People often associated with them are the meme lords however we won't go in to detail. The next class is the kids that have morals. They are often the smartest of the school. They are the only reason the school is considered "Christian". The third tier of of kids are the African Americans/ wannabes. I don't know if their main goal is to try to stir a commotion in the school or just piss off white america. Some of them are cool but, others stomp through the hall singing "Key to the Streets"/ "hau haaauu". The next is the poons of the school. Most of the school is alcoholics but these chuckle heads are self proclaimed. Favorite catch phrase "virgin", favorite time to bool... anytime, anywhere. Most of these bimbos have strict parents and have no fear, but the ones that don't get caught have parents with no morals. Practically all the sports teams blow more then the drama, but not as much as every virgin poon slaying alcoholic girl that tries to hard. Most of the teachers are queaves that have already given up on the children. To sum up this school makes Willie Wonkas oompah loompahs look good.
Chicago Christian High School screams I'm a virgin to everyone other high school.
by cc da alma mater February 28, 2017
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