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NOT to be confused with chichester or west chester. we're just the best chester. the girls are hot. don't come with less than a 3car garage wit a escalade in it and some titanium gold clubs, your parents probably work for dupont & you'll probably end up in a frat or sorostitute at penn state main, jmu, gwu, uva, or nyu. rock the burberry plaid and trick daddy cuz thats how we roll
"we're not cocky, we're just better than you!"
"chester born and raised"
"i'm rich bitch"
by dan November 01, 2004
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one of the top 50 wealthiest counties in the NE. a suburb south of philadelphia. home of mtv's jackass & viva la bam & longwood gardens. you'll fit right in with a SUV, membership at the dupont country club, & a lacoste polo (collar popped). the only place where girls will drive an hour to the king of prussia mall just to pick up the latest coach bag or to hit the abercrombie. weekends consist of clubbing in philly, getting wasted on daddy's grey goose in a lavish basement (hot tub, open bar, & theater), or driving to a beach house on the delaware shore.
"wessst chessster is the bessst chessster" - the chester girl's drunk call
by lee October 31, 2004
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