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Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a town in Camden County. Note that yet the kids are 15 minutes away from Camden, they think they are from there. There are different groups of kids, the Japs who where $300 coats and only nike clothes, the middle class white kids who think that the Japs are snobby when they are halfway there despite that fact that every jew lives in Woodcrest or Short Hills. All the other kids are try to be blacks who are either wealthy black kids or somewhat poor kids who think they are in Camden. The others are white kids who say the N word to other white kids and listen to 3 year old rap songs. Then there are the causally kids and junkies. But don’t even get started with the parents. The starbucks loving assholes who always ask to speak with the manger and would pay to get their dog a massage. All and all it pays to spend unbelievable taxes and still have crappy schools where there are record breaking HIB reports. So if you wanna die snobby, broke and fake asf, come on down to Cherry Hill, you couldn’t live a better place.
Omg i hate Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the Japs and queers.
by Hello Mom February 20, 2018
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