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One of the two high schools located in Cherry Hill, NJ. East is known as the richies and jews, as west is said to be full of gangsters and sluts. East has a leaky ceiling and is slowly sinking because it is built on a swamp. the teachers are either BITCHES or cool. every student is monitored by a crew of "security officers" and their cameras. no football stadium cause the team blows. wait...all the teams kinda suck. but all the kids are pretty smart, even the dumb ones. the school is full of sluts, stoners, jocks, preps, gothics, punks, and thesbians, just like any other high school in modern day america. the heater is either turned up to high or not high enough. if you have lab 8th period on c wing 3rd floor towards the end of the year, you might pass out of heat. kids can be bitches but some r nice. for some reason, the amount of cat fights per year in that school is increasing rapidly! and heres a little tribute to the principle who will remain un-named...."ok, alright, ok alright ok". its a cool school if you can survive.

"hail to thee our alma mater, cherry hill east alma mater,
through the years to come may part us, we'll be ever true.
through the stife and battles, (dun dun) through thy years of glory: (dun dun) we shall hail thee, never fail thee, crimson and white go forth before us. cherry hill east we thank you for the friendships we have made here. there four years, we'll always treasure, we'll remember you!"

ps. we've got jews too!
Cherry hill high school east is sinking because it full of so many jews!
by shitforbrains March 23, 2006
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