No more mental illness. No more stigma. Mental illness should be referred to as a chemical imbalance. No more MENTAL
I have a chemical imbalance that is treatable not curable. Sometimes I am sad and sometimes I am overly happy. There’s day I want to stay in bed and there’s days I want to do nothing. It’s part of my chemical imbalance.
by Notyoursuperwoman July 11, 2021
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A largely unfounded hypothesis used to push drugs as a 'cure' to mental illness. People are fooled into accepting what is essentially marketing as 'science' by smarmy ads, vague language, and constant rehashing of the idea that emotions are medical problems.
There is no evidence for any kind of 'chemical imbalance' from birth causing any kind of mental disorder, but the pharmaceutical companies would like you to think so.
by Shadow Creator October 4, 2007
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When the chemicals that were inhaled through one nostril, out-weigh the other nostril. This causes a chemical imbalance in the head.
He only railed one line but decided to do a second one on the other side because he felt a chemical imbalance.
by me February 22, 2004
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1. A company specializing in the apparel of the extreme sports. It can accommodate all your needs for fighting, racing, team sports, and various other activities requiring you to make your stamp and be unique in the world of sports.

2. Apparel and or gear made by
Where'd you get that sick ass t-shirt?

From Chemical Imbalance Gear! They're the sickest new company around!
by airjavier January 11, 2011
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