A chemical which has the properties to either create life or improve it by giving a certain or certain power/s dependant on the user by injecting into the bloodstream.
It's first appearance in Powerpuff girls
by Ppgdfan#1boi June 4, 2018
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A complete awkward moment/situation/person in the past that you want to erase from your mind because of the sheer embarrassment of it all.
"He is such a Chemical X for me."
"I was at the shop and I saw ____, it was like Chemical X!"
by Erialcx February 4, 2010
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another name for semen or sperm
the magic ingredient to the power puff girls was chemical x.
by sum otha guy March 24, 2007
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Turns mayonnaise into a human form also known as trevon dusty ass
Wow I was just putting mayonnaise on my sand which now he’s HUMAN AND HIS NAME IS TREVON DAVIS! Chemical X must’ve got him
by Chemical X treo December 24, 2019
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