When a whord of those little urban urchins we otherwise know as chavs, attack pedestrians in insanely large and hooliganish numbers in order to prove a point that they're "hard mate, don't mug or murk me off blud as I'll knock you spark out" or to just steal a worthwhile valuable item, which may often to them be something that you hadn't had the time to assign any value like a 1 penny coin or a fake pearl bracelet or possibly just possibly a very old, extremely crap, rusty bicycle which lacks brake power, a second wheel and a few spokes - yeah they really will take anything they can and then whorde it in their garbage lined dens.
Oh sorry we're late, we got chav tag-teamed on the way here, so Rich had to kick one of them in the teeth and Sarah let them have it with some cheap hairspray she had lying in the recesses of her handbag.
by Robert Head April 5, 2007
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