A gang, most commonly found in England, especially Newcastle and Manchester. Often violent, charvas are distinguished from other gangs by their dress, which is a mixture of the popular 'ska' and 'preppy' styles of the US in the mid to early 90's. Members of the Charva gang are generally disrespectful towards anyone they perceive to be different, and therefore less socially important than, themselves. Their hostility towards other groups, especially 'goths' and 'hippies', can often lead to outright violence, usually on the part of the charvas. Incidents of violence perpetrated by the charvas include rapes, beatings, and at least one case of lighting a man on fire. These criminal malcontents are extremely dangerous, arrogant, and vocal in their illusory superiority. Charvas are also generally anti-religious, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, or Christianity.
Clothes often include slacks, suspenders and white button up shirts. Shoes are generally pretentious but inexpensive, (i.e. 'rockports', thought to be expensive and top-of-the-line by the charvas, with their limited worldview and predilection for self-adoration).
by C. D. Eagle February 27, 2004
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Young people who think they are the best and are always pickin fights wiv every1 for the smallest things. They hang around the streets of Newcastle smokin drinkin nd lookin untidy. There language is barely understandable. Their fashion sense consists of highly priced Rockport boots and Henry Lloyd or Fred Perry jumpers. The lasses where tight pants from Rebel Rebel in every colour and have large fringes sticin out from their head. What a waste of hair spray. The lads team their Rockports with tracksuite bottoms and Burbry caps at 45 degrees from their heads. They are usually the most popular people in school but senisible people like 2avoid them. Dont p*ss them off cause they'll "do u in"
They are often found sayin "lend 'is a tab" and drinkin cider.
by Flirt 14 May 17, 2003
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Originally derived from the Georide term for stealing and known by many different names, the charva is easily spotted by the Burberry caps (real ones are prized after they got taken off the market due to their supposed links to football hooliganism, so most are market stall copies), white tracksuits (well, normally white; some dare to be slightly different and go blue) and Rockport (or, again, knock-off versions of) boots. Females of their kind seem to have an obsession with garish gold jewellery- chunkier the better, and usually out of a catalogue. Commonly associated with TWOCing, ASBOs, underage pregnancy and car modding.
Oi, charva! Get away from me car yer theivin' git!
by sanctusmortis December 04, 2004
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Charva is a word that originates from the west end of newcastle. often referred to as the best end by charvas. a charva is someone who can often be found drinkin bella on street corners or local parks. after 2 or 3 bottles they are often found staggering home abusing anyone who passes at about 10:30 at night
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE im a charva ha ha ha
by Micky The Charva May 05, 2004
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Charvas are the scum of the universe and should be shot. They treat other people like they are shit, when the charvas are the ones standing on street corners looking like prostitutes. Most charv girls get pregnant b4 they are 20, and loads have abortions b4 they are 15. Their clothes are tacky,disgusting and completely mismatched. Im a goth and ive had charvas grief me about the way i look and they couldnt think of a better insult if it came up and slapped them with a wet fish. They are obsessed with mothers and use this as an insult ("ya ma'!") they suck the big one and should be put into corectional faciliies till they can pronounce goth properly.
"Hoo man! Ya fuckin goffick freak!"
"wot u fink u lukin at ya stupid goffick cunt!"
by Anti Chav Lollz November 09, 2003
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A teenager who wears cheap tracksuits (usually kappa, nike, addidas or an imitation of that), wears hair extremely short with an oversized fringe (male) or long scruffy hair with a huge oversized fringe. Uses an extremely overpronunced accent. Will pay other, older teenagers to "gan get us some tabscigarrettes)". Will usually procreate at 14, although some cases have known to procreate at age 8. Will enter prison between the ages of 18 and 24 where the shit will be kicked out of them.
An example is not provided as the image would destroy your computer and/or the internet.
by Blythy May 15, 2004
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