This originates from 19th Century parlance and, being used as a descriptive noun, was originally attributed to a prostitute. Later this gave rise to a verb whereby a person was 'charvered' or 'f#cked', this in the context that the person in question was beaten up or generally antagonized by low-life. This then went full circle to describe the antagonist as a 'Charva'. In latter days, 'Charvae' have adopted the name as a term of endearment amongst themselves, despite being a term used to describe them as low-life scum who need to be humanely destroyed.
by International Pat October 20, 2003
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Drink cider, live on tabs, wear nike air max trainers with a fred perry, rockport or henri lloyd top wit white trakkie bottoms. Whos language stretches as far as neh hew
Any1 hu lives in a mile radius of newcastle or a mackam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Neh hew October 06, 2003
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stupid idiots who think that th "beltas" coz th hav stolen hikin boots n a posh annorak.th think people who dont hav "rockies" r goths.
th drink cheap crap like bella brusco n hang round on corners askin 4 a fight.
use phrases with an accent cumin out th arse
"heya mann!wot u lukin at, man!"
"heya, u got a fukin light am gaspin!"
"those stupid arseholes wont serve me m tabs!"
by micki March 03, 2004
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