A city that ought to be glad to have a feminine sounding name. Named after the German born wife of king George III, the city is named after Charlotte of mecklenburg-sterlitz. If the city had not been named Charlotte, it would have been named after a sexist, and even worse, British male monarch, with a name like Georgetown or George ville, just like every other city, town, or state with such a name. I find Charlotte far less arrogant and much more hospitable, and I am glad that is the name of the city I come from.
Charlotte is the queen city, not the king city, but it's still crown town, who else is crown town? There go the crickets.
by Gandalf O'Llylwann July 12, 2016
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Small feisty and sometimes even funny.But more than anything people like to make nicknames for them such as fartlet or even shart.
Guy 1:yo that girl is really small

Guy 2:yeah her name must be Charlotte
by Hdkdvedindv November 10, 2016
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The act of urination behind a statue in a public place.
He did a right Charlotte, he had a piss behind that old statue.
by rhyssboh January 31, 2011
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A girl who eats copious amounts of bananas. Everyday you find her munching on a banana slightly looking like a chimpanzee. Chocolate biscuits resembling animals is also one of her favourite foods. One of her talents is that of lip-sinking to The Darkness- Do You Believe in a Thing called love...hobbies include googling pennis.

person 1: look i made a special banana eating schedual
person 2: your such a charlotte...
by yayaa September 23, 2010
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Charlotte is a super cool chick that everyone loves. She has amazing boobs and awesome blond hair. Sometimes she automatically friend-zones people even if she wants to get to second base. She is generally a fun loving girl with a high intelligence and the bestest friend anyone could ask for. Even when her best friend moves away she still makes it work. She is a very nice person and has a great personality overall.
guy 1: wow that chick has massive racks!
guy 2: yeah I can't stop looking!
Guy 3: she has to be a Charlotte.
by HannahBanana1234 July 11, 2014
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A mythical Malyalam blood thirsty dog who was trained by an evil witch to slay all those who have kindness in their hearts. Charlottes were known to take various forms, be that of a rat or a human. Accompanied by their side kick monkey, they set out to destroy others who refused to become as selfish and evil as them. They first appear to be innocent and kind, that is their initial mode of attack! They are known to be very unhygienic and will impose various illnesses and diseases upon you to enforce a slow, painful and terrible death. They will try to infect you with their monthly bleeding and faecal matter. The only way to defeat a charlotte is through standing up to them but showing kindness and determination and most of all by avoiding them.
"No Charlotte! You can hurt me no longer! I will not fall prey to you!"
Charlotte- "Oh my, you naughty boy! I will grind you now MUHAHAHA"
by theinnocentkid June 07, 2013
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