Best girl in the world! She is so pretty so nice so funny and just overall the best person anyone could be!
Dude look thats defianetly a Charlotte!
Im going to go talk to her!
No I am!
by chargirl1234 April 22, 2011
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Is amzingly beautiful girl. Can come across shy but once she opens up she is funny, charming, up for anything and a girl who is of top quality. She is just the best person to be around and the best friend you could ever have. Always knows how to cheer you up, gives just the best advise ever and will always be there when you need her. No matter what she will always be there for you to listen to your problems. Charlottes are fun-loving and enjoy being around people. She does love a good party. She is not a slag. She does enjoy a good bitch from time to time. Has a great smile, a girl that everyone falls in love with and who all the guys want to date and secretly in love with. Is very popular with boys. Loves her family and friends and anyone is lucky to have met her.
Wow there goes Charlotte
by RahGaGaOohLaLa December 23, 2010
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A person who is a fantastic friend,Beautiful,loyal,understanding,trustworthy,caring,loyal and good with advice.Always there for her friends at anytime. Great fun to hang out with slightly crazy but her friends love her, Shes daring and adventurous which also adds to her wonderful personality. She has a great sense of humour too.
Charlotte is my bestfriend
by AmyRobyn2202 August 04, 2011
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The true definition of perfection. A Charlotte combines beauty, intellect and sensuality to a overwhelming force that no man can resist. A force that leave the man in awe. A positive effect of Charlotte is that when she smiles and laugh your heart gets warm.
Awww, thats so nice, i feel Charlotte in my heart
by Hakimb August 26, 2010
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completely beautiful, sweet, and smart.

Sporty, lively, fun, silly, and just plain great.
Man, I just love Charlotte because she's all-around great.
by loveyoukiddo July 05, 2009
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A clever and witty young girl who enjoys sports and is particularly good at football. She has a great taste in music. Charlotte doesn't pay much attention to what people think of her and this makes her unique and fun to be around. She has a great smile and is occasionally completely mad although you would not think it to look at her.
Person One - She looks like she could be cool...
Person Two - Of course she does, she's Charlotte!
by BananasInPyjamas June 26, 2012
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Charlotte Are Peoplee Who Are Happy And Bubbley . I Know About 15 Charlottes And At Least 5 Of Them Are Mean , Others I Love To Peices . Some Charlottes Get Very Emotional But It Is Always Easy To Make Them Hapy Agian . A Charlotte Will Always Been There For You , Whtever You Have Done . They Are Funny And They Enjoy A Good Laugh There Self . You Got To Love A Charlotte , If Not Your Very Werid .
Love Charlotte
by ILoveYou12345678910 March 05, 2011
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