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Redneckville. A small redneck town in southern Maryland where there is nothing to do but drink and/or go hunting. A town shared with Charles and St. Mary's County. A place where you have to share the roads with the amish and the tractors. The popular place to go in the middle of the night is WAWA, cause thats the only thing open. Everything else closes around 8 on the weekday. Everyone knows that in the summer you go to Bert's about once a week to get ice cream. Everyone has either lived or crashed at a house in Golden Beach. The local high school is known as Cow Pie High. The only thing we are popular for is the band Good Charlotte, and the local amish market open on Sautrdays and Wednesdays.
Charlotte Hall, Maryland, home to the camo wearing redneck boys of America.
by MRyon February 24, 2009
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