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a hilarious cartoon where charlie brown characters talk jive to each other and curse each other out its just fuckin awesome
by MYNAMEIST February 08, 2007
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1) A hilarious dub on Youtube that is basically the black ghetto version of Charlie Brown's Christmas. The holiday season isn't complete without it.

2) The most quotable video ever made.
You have nice soup coolers. Let's lock legs and swap gravy.

-This is Charlie Brown Kwanzaa.
by CrazerDaiser595 December 27, 2010
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that other definition thats there is just the pussy version. Its so much more fuckin hilarous that that guy says. Its charlie brown characters talking south bronx language to each other. Its a movie that all language should be referred to and written on here. If you watched it you would laugh your ass off. Just search for :charlie brown kwanzaa: on google or yahoo or whatever search site floats your fucking boat .. dont argue with me about which mothafuckin search site to use
dude did you ever watch charlie brown kwanzaa ? its the funniest fuckin video on the internet ive ever seen in my whole life.
by MYNAMEIST January 22, 2007
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