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AKA: Spike, Chase

He is an athletic, smart, funny, adorable, cute, sweet, hottie lamotie with a swimmers body, country boy, that all the little girls love. He is extremely stubborn yet extrordinarily original and independant. He tucks his shirt in (even his p.e. shirt) and can totally rock the boot-cut jeans. He rambles alot but nobody minds (except during movies) and he actually says the word "spiffy". Hes shy in groups but u get him with his best friend and he never shuts up. He is extremly polite but i would never pick a fight with him cuz he chokes people out ;P and if this is him reading this then i know u think u know who posted this.... but u would be wrong and need to guess again :D
All the little morman girls think Charles Donald Eyanson lll is spiffy.
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