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A charismatic charlatan is a dangerously peculiar person who is likely to gaslight you under the false inducement of love, encouragement, and friendship. Generally, a charismatic charlatan will use past accomplishments to dupe people into being in relationship with them (such as a doctorate degree). Typically, a charismatic charlatan wants to be known for leadership--especially in a church and will use reverse psychology and false humility to induce you into giving time, money, and resources to them by claiming things like "we don't want your money." If you drink the Kool-Aid of charismatic charlatans and don't have something they want (i.e. sex) they will pretend to love you unless you ask too many questions, at which point they will deliberately dehumanize you and wreck your relationships, self-image, and reputation and claim that you reaped what you sowed. They will also insist that your issues are imaginary and that their sins against you are just something you perceive.
Be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing known as charismatic charlatans. They are like cult leaders but will insist that they are "spiritual but not religious," which means that they are inferior men that use spirituality to trick weak-minded women into relationships with them.
by Rosebud1776 February 26, 2017
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