Uhmm so basically char means asking for something but keeping it low key yk it’s bri ish slang ya so basically
β€œ ye I was gonna char but he declined me offa”
β€œOr yeah I was gonna char your GILF of a grandma”
by Jingle balls jingle balls December 06, 2020
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Interestingly enough, Char has many meanings and can refer to many things:

1) To burn something until it's partially or completely black
2) A charwoman (woman employed to clean houses or offices); to work as a charwoman
3) Tea (eh?)
4) Another word for "roast" and burn" after spitting out a sick comeback
5) A freshwater or marine fish like the trout, of northern countries. It is valued as a food and game fish.
6) Short form for character, especially with regards to video game characters or computer programming
7) Char siu, a kind of Chinese BBQ pork
8) Nickname for Charlotte
9) Chimchar!
1) Their bodies were badly charred in the fire
2) She'd had to char and work in a grocery store to put herself through university
3) I'll have a cup of char with that
4) Ohhhhhh get charred son
5) Among other native delicacies, they give you fresh char
6) A Unicode code unit is a 16-bit char value; I switched my minecraft char to look like a

7) I was hungry so I decided to visit Chinatown and bought some Char siu buns to eat
8) Hey let's go get some Sushi Char, whaddya think?
9) Chimchar, use flamethrower!
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by UltimateDoge September 16, 2020
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Gay Filipino slang used as an interjection demonstrating mild disgust on the part of the speaker, especially when something too precious or sentimental is said or done in their presence.
Boyfriend: "I love you, Pumpkin. You complete me!" (Draws heart shape in the air with his fingers)
Girlfriend: "Char!"

Little Girl: Hugs a pink teddy bear.
Gay Filipino: "Char!"

In a romantic comedy, the hero says: "You make me want to be a better man."
Filipino viewers, in unison: "Char!"
by Wanjiggiboom January 28, 2020
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when someone isn't sure if they truly mean what they've just said or not
Boy: Hey

Girl: What?

Boy: Love me

Girl: wtf i'm your cousin!

Boy: char
by bOYSKIEBAWANG October 06, 2019
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Also known as a person who likes salt too much, also known as papi. Char is very relatable and should step on a lego for triggering herself. She will make u scream just by dming you ;') you'll want to call her papi.
by johhny0 July 05, 2017
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