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1. A typical girl from an upper middle class suburban hamlet, has a flat ass and bad skin, wears Juicy sweatpants, North Face, and UGGS all the time, wears her (possibly dyed blonde) hair in a disgusting messy bun/ponytail, gets her nails done but then lets them chip and get nasty. Never seen without her phone (on which she is constantly texting) and at least 3 or 4 other Chappaqua bitches, who she doesnt actually care about but pretends to be "BFF 4 Life! <<<333" with in order to gain social status and gossip about them. Gets drunk and slutty at parties and hooks up with way too many guys, but is a total frigid bitch to her boyfriend if she has one. Thinks that smoking weed makes her "gangsta," although she does not smoke often. She and her friends also enjoy blasting Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka while drinking and smoking, and singing along. Pretends to be super-concerned about school, and generally gets good grades but with the help of tutors, cheating, and her dad being head of the school PTA. Eventually cheats her way into Cornell just to go to the Hotel School.

2. An alcoholic drink named after the type of girl described in #1, made by combining half a shot of Jagermeister with half a shot of mango Arizona Iced Tea. Also known as "the worst drink ever invented." Best consumed while chilling in your friend's bedroom in Chappaqua, consumed with suburban-hamlet boredom and angst and listening to Soulja Boy on bad speakers.
Chappaqua bitch: I gave my Business Management professor a blowjob and got an A in the class!
by coruscatti March 31, 2011
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