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From Scots dialect with an imprecise meaning.

A chanty is a chamberpot and a wrastler is a wrestler or possibly someone who shakes an object.

It is used as a mild insult, often to children.
by Neiljb July 11, 2010
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1. Useless, dishonest idiot. Don't know the origin in this case.
2. Plumber: Chanty = chamber pot or lavatory pan. Wrassler = wrestler. Apprentice plumbers used to carry toilet pans to jobs and because the old ones were large, heavy and awkward, they had to wrap both arms around them and struggle, as if wrestling. Often they had to get on the bus with it.
1. Dinnae listen tae Bri, he's a f.....' chunty wrastler.

2. Aw naw, the pipe's huv burst- Son, run along quick an' get Rab fae up the road, he's a Chunty Wrastler.

Can also be spelled Chanty Wrastler or Wrassler
by Sioux De Nym August 20, 2016
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