A nice, kind sweet guy. He usually is black and is quite short. People say he's cute and he is very proud of it. He has a great smile and is very innocent. He likes mythology, fantasy and vampires.

He is more like a 'geek' and spends all his spare time on the computer, maybe a war game or an online dating website? Or he is trying to find the newest glitch on his computer.

Conclusion - Chad is a great guy who sometimes makes silly mistakes.
Random woman: "Hey Chad, can I borrow your car for the night?"
Chad: "Sure thing!"
"Aw, you're so cute!"
"-blush- Thank you!"
"Why the hell do you have the CD of the music of World of Warcraft in here?"
"-blush- I play it alot."
"You sure do blush alot."
"Want to have sex?"
"No thanks, I'm not ready..."
"Gee, that was a silly mistake."
by Kiss x Sis EXPERIENCE January 14, 2012
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a douchebag or prep usually plays Lacrosse and his rich and attends private schools. A name that pisses you off when you hear of hit and is often made fun of.
No one likes that douchebag.........Ya man what a Chad
by shigthatdig April 22, 2010
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One of the most awesome people in the wurld. he is always a win and if a woman is named chad she will turn into a man
oh no!!! its a chad
by WaterBuffaalo November 14, 2010
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Better than Billy. Billy is gay. Chad is attractive and very sexy.
Girl 1"He is such a Chad."
Girl 2"He is so hot."
by Picklez4Dayz December 27, 2016
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A name from Old English meaning "douchebag," a "gangly fuck," a "shithead," an "asshat." Someone who eats 3 bites of a burger then puts a single French fry in it. The kind of guy who wears polo shirts and cargo shorts and plays disc golf on the weekends with the "bros." Also goes by Chadley, Chadwick, Swaggy P., or in some cases, Derek. You should avoid these things at all costs or you may end up doing Jager shots with him and his "bros."
Guy 1: Hey Bro. My name is Chad. You wanna play disc golf.

Guy 2: Ugh. You look like a Chad
by Dogzilla223 January 16, 2018
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A white, over 6-feet tall, handsome, rich, intelligent, well-educated, social, fit, sporty alpha male who can have any woman he wants. He is the epitome of Western masculinity, and the arch-nemesis of male virgins and soy boy.
All these betas are happily picking up Chad's used goods.
by 2BigUUUU March 02, 2018
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A guy who finds great deals first but doesn't tell his friends.
Me: "My grandma's dying wish is to see Ed Sheeran in concert." Chad: "Oh he's coming to town in July, I got wicked cheap tickets months ago!" Me: "Fucking Chad!".
by Drakal30 March 30, 2017
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